Three principles to drink water for the sport players

In our life, water plays an important role. So doctors often recommend they we must drink a lot of water for each day. Especially for the sports players, they must drink water scientifically to ensure the good health. Do you know how to drink water correctly? In this article, I want to introduce three principles to drink water for the sports players.

For people playing sport, drinking water not only to quench your thirst, control the body temperature but also to prevent the dehydration, salt loss and keep the strength.


Three important principles which you must remember

To maximize the benefits of drinking water, many young people play sports generally following the principles of three true including:

  1. Drinking the right amount

In the adult body, with the normal activities can secrete about 500 ml sweat every day, and depending on the physical activities the body can secrete so much compared with the normal. Thus, if you do not drink enough water while playing sports you will reduce the effective exercise significantly. In addition, this can lead to the serious risks of injury.

According to the documentation of University Sports Medicine of United State recommended that all sports players do not forget to drink water before, during and after training and competition.

  1. Drinking the right time

Besides, you must drink enough water for your body.  You need to drink water at the right time. It should not wait until thirty to drink. You should know that the sports players must drink water about 150- 200 ml and about 15 -20 minutes to drink for once time. (more…)

Some great benefits of playing sport regularly

Today, we can see that there are a lot of sports clubs to meet the needs of people. In these clubs, people can invest many expensive machines and modern training equipment to support those who play a sport. Especially, both adults and kids also play the sport, they can choose a sport which it is suitable for their age, their physical as well as their health situation.

Sport is currently being received by a lot of the choice of people because there are many different sports such as football, volleyball, running, badminton, tennis, aerobics, fitness…. Each person has a hobby. In fact, playing sport likes an outdoor activity and it also brings some great benefits. Thus, you try to maintain the habit of playing sport frequently. Do you know some benefits of sport? In this article, I will introduce some great benefits of playing the sport regularly.


Some great benefits of sport

Actually, we can not deny that playing sport will have many benefits to our health. However, I will show four big benefits as follows:

  1. Improve health and physical exercise

Although there are reasons to play the sport, however, this is the main reason which many people choose to play sports. When playing sports our bodies will receive many things:

  • Help the body become stronger;
  • Increase motor skills;
  • Develop the steadily;
  • Increase the resistance
  • Prevent some diseases about bone;
  • Be good for the cardiovascular;


Ice fishing outing on Prairie Lake eventually pans out


Skimming ice out of holes is an important skill to learn for a beginning ice fisherwoman.

We handed Kate Carroll, 24, an old metal scooper and she proceeded to clear chopped ice from several holes that Cecil “Kipp” Kippenhan of Cameron had just punched in the ice.

Kate’s puppy, Kojibo, followed her and soon learned a puppy could get a cold drink of water out of those holes.

Kojibo means “breakfast” in Malinke, a language spoken in Senegal, where Kate lived for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer. Now she is back in Eau Claire, where she grew up and attended Memorial High School, but Kate maintains an open-mindedness about different cultures.

As evidence, she decided to try ice fishing. Even many open water anglers consider ice fishers a strange bunch.

On Monday afternoon Kate and I met an ice fishing elder, Kipp, 81, in a bay on Prairie Lake. Kipp is what I would call a traditional ice fisherman – no portable electronic fish finder with multi-colored blinking lights, no sensitive graphite rods with spinning reels, no portable pop-up tent.

Kipp is too restless to fish in a shack or to sit contemplatively on a bucket, waiting for fish to bite. Instead, he prefers to wander from hole to hole.

Kipp set Kate up with a fishing rod – basically a fiberglass stick with line wrapped around two pegs. It was a system that worked for him 50 years ago, and it still works today.

He showed Kate how to lower the bait to the lake’s bottom – about 13 feet down – then work the lure from just off the bottom to a few feet up, imparting a little wiggle. She used a multi-colored jig tipped with a grub.


Useful tips for your kids when playing in the outside

It can be seen that nowadays the smart toys are very suitable and good for the brain development of kids. Besides all these toys become extremely popular with the kids and they really like them such as: puzzles, assembling toys, wooden toys….. Many parents evaluate that these games bring many benefits to help kids become more intelligent, creative and improve the thinking ability. However, the child should have the opportunity to participate the outdoor activities to be developed in a comprehensive way.

On the severe weather, parents also need to consider the safety measures for kids’ health. I want to introduce some useful tips to ensure both safety and health for your kids when they play in the outside. The parents can refer to some points in this article.


Space and time for the outdoor activities of your child

Suitable space for playing in the outside

  • Places to join the fun activities in the outside affect the excitement of your kids so much besides it also relates to the safety of kids. Choosing some suitable places are very important for playing of your kids. It can be a place near you to live like in the park, a playground safe to monitor all activities of kids.
  • In addition, you can allow your child playing some places where familiar to the nature as camping, climbing and swimming….However, it must depend on your kids’ age to ensure their safety and avoid any dangerous games for them.
  • Or more simply, you and your child will go for walk, ride a bike, practice the fitness….around your home. With any physical activity of kids, the safety factor should also be the top priority and it must be maintained daily for the development of kids.